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A Night at the Pool Hall

by Kat (no address provided)


I am an exhibitionist. My husband loves to “dare” me to
show off, and I love to do what he dares me to do. One
night at our favorite pool hall, he dared me to unbutton
my blouse while we played pool. Then he dared me to show
off for the crowd by dancing and revealing my 36 DD
breasts. I did exactly what he asked and that led to an
interesting night at our home with our waitress and two
young guys who enjoyed our show. (FFM, bi, wife, mast,
oral, exh, swinger)


My wife Kat is a very sexy exhibitionist, and loves to
show off in public, and I support her doing so whenever
she is in the mood. She is 35, with a perfect hourglass
figure and slightly enhanced 34 DD breasts with barbells
through the nipples. I came home from work recently, and
she had that gleam in her eye. I said, “What’s up” and
she said “I bought a new outfit and I want to go play
pool tonight.” I knew that she was ready to show off,
and I was eager to go along for the ride. She went to
the bedroom to change, while I took off my work clothes
and put on jeans and a polo shirt.

She came out of the bedroom and smiled and said “how do
you like my pool outfit?” She was wearing 5-inch heels
with cut-off jean shorts that showed the cheeks of her
ass, and a sheer white silk shirt over a push-up black
bra that barely covered her nipples.… Read the rest

After The Party – Part 3

by Ben1 (no address provided)
Punctuation added by MAXed11


The final part of my story about couple who’s swinging
caused a big change in their lives. (FFM, swingers)



I was still annoyed at Jean and her demanding ways of
recent times. I did not like being used by her and she
was changing all the time she was with John.

I had decided that I needed to take a break from her
and got a short lease on an apartment just to get my
head together. I was still seeing Ann as often as I
could. We were having lots of fun and great sex. She
was becoming a real woman who enjoyed life and love.
We were getting really close and our time together was
special to me.

One weekend when Ann was staying over with me she said
she had a favor to ask. It was a big favor and I was
under no pressure to agree she said.

“What is it?” I asked, worrying that something had

“I have this very close friend she said we were very
close before we got together and well were always
together. She is older than me she said and even older
than you, not that you are old,” she said.

“Thanks,” I replied.

“Well, you see she lost her husband some years back
and since then she has been alone. You can see the
years are getting to her and I wanted to cheer her up.… Read the rest