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by SubVee (sub_me777@yahoo.com)


A young submissive female in search of her true Fem Dom.


It was a warm spring day. I had just finished work and
I was driving down the highway, when I spotted a
gorgeous cream-colored Benz. It was very clean and
shiny like it was new. Inside of this vehicle sat a
slender woman with brunette hair.

As I passed her on the highway our eyes met. Her blue
eyes went through my entire body, like the cold steel
of a dagger. For the past two years I had been in
search of someone who was just like me, what am I?
Kinky, and very much into consensual slavery, or as
some know as BDSM.

On the outside I look like an everyday good girl, on
the inside I consider myself to be a total submissive
fem, and a lover of the dark side. As I continued to
drive down the highway I noticed the cream colored car
was still behind me. I continued driving until I saw
the sign for my exit. As I drove off of my ramp I saw a
huge traffic jam. It was outrageous and traffic was
only moving about two miles an hour, and I still had to
drive at least twenty more minutes before I could get

I continued to sit in traffic listening to my stereo
and looking in my mirrors, when all of a sudden I
noticed the cream colored car approaching slowly on my
left.… Read the rest