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All Services Available

by Durty Lady (durtylady@hotmail.com)

A story about a 40-year-old housewife who gets her
rocks off by being dominated by other women in every


By DurtyLady

My hand was trembling as I dialed the number, this was
a completely new thing for me, I had never before done
anything like it. The card in the phone box said “all
services available”; well we would soon find out. I was
absolutely terrified, but at the same time incredibly
excited. What would the reaction be I wondered? My
fingers dialed the number; I could hear the running
tone, then the click as the phone at the other end was
answered. “Hello, can I help you?” the voice asked.

In a quiet voice I replied, “I am phoning about your

“Where did you see the ad?” the voice sounded young,
early twenties perhaps. “Outside Paddington Station,” I
had to think for a moment where exactly I had seen it.

“And what services would you require?” Still no
reference to the fact that I was a woman.

“Do you, erm, do you cater for ladies?” I was still
very hesitant. “Of course madam, which service would
you like?” Her voice had become surprisingly softer.

Then adding, “The young lady today is Silvia, she is
22, has jet black hair, stands 5’8″ tall, she has a 38,
26, 36 figure, specializes in all the unusual services,
has a complete fantasy wardrobe and is ESPECIALLY fond
of lady clients, which service are you looking for?”

“Please excuse me, I’m very nervous, I’ve never done
anything like this before,” was all I could say.… Read the rest


by SubVee (sub_me777@yahoo.com)


A young submissive female in search of her true Fem Dom.


It was a warm spring day. I had just finished work and
I was driving down the highway, when I spotted a
gorgeous cream-colored Benz. It was very clean and
shiny like it was new. Inside of this vehicle sat a
slender woman with brunette hair.

As I passed her on the highway our eyes met. Her blue
eyes went through my entire body, like the cold steel
of a dagger. For the past two years I had been in
search of someone who was just like me, what am I?
Kinky, and very much into consensual slavery, or as
some know as BDSM.

On the outside I look like an everyday good girl, on
the inside I consider myself to be a total submissive
fem, and a lover of the dark side. As I continued to
drive down the highway I noticed the cream colored car
was still behind me. I continued driving until I saw
the sign for my exit. As I drove off of my ramp I saw a
huge traffic jam. It was outrageous and traffic was
only moving about two miles an hour, and I still had to
drive at least twenty more minutes before I could get

I continued to sit in traffic listening to my stereo
and looking in my mirrors, when all of a sudden I
noticed the cream colored car approaching slowly on my
left.… Read the rest