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After The Power Cut

by Eager46 (address withheld)


When a power outage shuts down their school, two young
girls have to walk home in the rain. Once reaching one
of their homes they dry each other off and things get a
little hot when they are naked together in the
bathroom. (ff-teens, 1st-lesbian-expr, oral)


The Thunderstorm had raged over the small English town
of Plumly since early morning. In the Maths class, the
Teacher had to almost shout to be heard above the noise
of the Thunder, and every so often an enormous fork of
Lightning would light up the classroom, and the lights
would flicker.

Claire and Julie looked at each other as they sat
together at their desks.

“I do not know about you Julie, but I am getting a bit
scared,” Claire whispered to her best friend.

“Me too,” Julie replied as another bright fork of
Lightning hit the Playing fields close by, and almost
instantaneously, the lights in the classroom went out,
leaving the class in almost total darkness, as although
it was just after noon, it was so dark outside as a
result of the storm.

“It is all right class, just remain seated the
emergency power will cut in and we will be ok,” Mrs.
Jenkins, the maths teacher called out. After about 5
minutes, the classroom was still without lights, and
Mrs. Jenkins, told the class to stay in their seats,
while she went to investigate. About 15 minutes later
she returned and informed the class that the School
Emergency generator had failed and that the school was
closing for the day.… Read the rest