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A Girl’s Best Friend

by Pasego (pasego05@hotmail.com)


A girl finds herself in the middle of an erotic dream-
world with her best friend. (FF-teens, mast, rom,


I knew it was a dream as soon as Zoe opened the door of
her dorm building. She was dressed in calf-high yellow
rain boots and a pink cocktail dress with white polka
dots. Zoe never dresses like that. It really did make
sense, I reasoned. You don’t end up at your best
friend’s dorm forty miles away when last you knew you
were fast asleep in your own home, in your own bed.
Other damning evidence were the couples making out up
and down the dimly lit hall, the disco ball revolving
lazily from its position on the ceiling, the fog
machine (Fog machine? What kind of a dream was this???)
emitting hissing bursts of smoky steam.

I must have looked bemused but Zoe didn’t seem to
notice. She gave me a quick hug, grabbed my hand, and
led me into the tableau. I felt strangely underdressed
in just a tatty pair of jeans and a tee shirt. If this
was some kind of costume party, Zoe should have had the
decency to tell me before I came.

You idiot! I chided myself. You’re dreaming! Dreaming,
right… Wait, dreaming? Shouldn’t I be able to do
whatever I want then? I closed my eyes and tried to
think up a new outfit, but when I opened them again I
was still the same. It seems that although I had free
will in this particular dream, I couldn’t bend the
rules of space and time.… Read the rest