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A Love So Beautiful

By Meredith Jaussaud (racso26@hotmail.com)


A 22-year-old woman discovers the girl who has held her
heart since adolescence. Her 40-year-old Aunt. A
romantic, captivating journey into the profound love
between two women. Life long desires are finally given
their moment to share in this alluring tale of romantic
incest between Aunt and Niece.


This story is entirely fictional. The characters in this
story are not real, nor are they in any way related to
any real living individual. The intent is strictly for
the enjoyment of all readers, and it is not an
endorsement of any theme and/or lifestyle.

I welcome all feedback as long as it is supportive and
heartening. racso26@hotmail.com


A Love So Beautiful
by MJ

Meredith was a typical 22-year-old college graduate… A
prominently radiant woman, her Latina features could lure
any person into getting what she wanted. She knew this,
but felt it was unfair to use her body in getting what
she wanted. Having just graduated, the pressure of
landing a secure job frightened the young woman as
college loan companies would soon be banging on her door.

She had always been the independent type; strong and
secure about herself, not like the rest of her sorority
friends had been. They were muddled with the typical rush
of life, marriage, and children…

Meredith wanted nothing of that. Her mind was open to
endless possibilities, and she knew it was her duty to
explore every option possible in order to be truly happy.

Back late one afternoon from her job at a local
bookstore, she sorted through the mail of the day.… Read the rest