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An Irish Lullaby

by Luanne (address withheld)


A recently divorced Irish girl living in Chicago
discovers a different side to her sexuality. (FF, 1st-


My name is Luanne… Luanne O’Brien. I guess you can
tell by my name that I am Irish, and Irish I am and
proud of it too! I was born twenty-seven years ago in
Clare County, Ireland.

My family moving to Guthrie, Alabama when I was a lass
of twelve. My dear father decided on Guthrie because he
had an uncle living there and family ties are strong
when you are Irish. My parents live there to this day
on six acres of the hardest scrabble land you ever
tried to build a farm on.

Rather than try to offer you some sort of description
of myself, let me just say that I look very much like
the country western singer Reba MacEntire. If you don’t
know who she is, then just use your imagination to
picture me any way that suits your fancy. The short red
hair and the still tightly wrapped body, all of that
and more have I. That is as close as I can come to
giving you an accurate description, and for Pete’s
sake, why would you need more? Writing a book you are?
Just leave that Chapter out then.

I met and married a handsome fellow that came roaring
into Guthrie one day on his Harley Davidson and I
practically leapt into his arms, I did… especially
when he promised he would take me out of the small town
mud puddle I was mired in.… Read the rest