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Almost Identical

by LoveBeautifulWomen (sexy.one.one@hotmail.com)


Beth and Becky are identical twins who live in a
conservative Midwestern town. In this first installment
of my story, these tall, blonde twins find that they
truly are beautiful and sexy and they discover sex in a
way that their town would obviously frown upon. (ff-
teens, 1st, inc, mast, oral, rom)



In some areas of the world or country, a lesbian couple
is not considered so out of the ordinary. However, in
some Midwestern towns, the idea of lesbians is still
practically taboo and is very rarely seen out in the
open. Such was the case where Beth and Becky Henderson
lived. Even rarer was it to see a young girl come out
of the closet. In this mid-sized town where they lived
the backgrounds of the people were mostly German and
Irish and very, very Catholic.

Many of the private schools such as the one Beth and
Becky went to were all girl schools (or all guys
schools such as the school next door to Beth and
Becky’s all girl school. Becky and Beth lived in a
suburb of town which perhaps in the early 1900’s was a
premier place to live. However, since the mid 1980’s it
had fallen on rough times as crime went up and the
number of friendly neighbors went down.

However, the Henderson family was sort of a diamond in
the rough, in that their four children were all highly
intelligent and very good looking. None of the children
would have had a chance to go to the all girls or all
boys private schools except that they each got
scholarships because of their intelligence.… Read the rest