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After The Party

After The Party (FF, rom, exh, oral, anal, food)
by Rogue Writer (roguewriter@hotmail.com)


Two girls meet at a party and go find some privacy for
their own party.


NOTE: This is adult material, so if you’re too young to
read sexually explicit things please stop reading this
now. The same goes for adults who don’t like this stuff.
This story should not inspire you to do anything more
than have a good time.

Please send feedback to roguewriter@hotmail.com. Without
it I will only get worse.


I was sitting in my living room that Sunday morning,
working on the broken clasp of one of my anklets, my
favorite anklet. The most expensive piece of jewelry I
owned, it was a silver chain studded with diamond chips
given to me by an ex-girlfriend. But the price tag was
hardly the reason I cherished it. She gave it to me last
year for my twenty- fourth birthday and I considered it a
sign of how she felt about me. I was in love with her and
it was her way of saying she felt the same.

Frustrated, I tossed aside the anklet and the pair of
needle nose pliers I was using to fix it. I needed to
lift my spirits. My eyes found the small bong sitting on
the coffee table and my mind thought about watching some
Saturday morning cartoons stoned.

A tempting idea until I remembered the ex and I used to
do that together. I looked at the windows and decided to
let the exhibitionist in me take a shot.… Read the rest