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Amazing Grace

by LeAnna (1997)


Imagine Grace’s surprise when she undressed her lover
(who she’d just met less than an hour before at the
party they were both attending) to find that he was
really a she. What would she do now? (FF, 1st-lesbian-
expr, rom)


The music accentuated the heavy air perfectly, loud and
pulsating, almost having a life of its own. The beats
pounded away in Grace’s head, pounding in her body, as
she took another deep breath of marijuana, reveling in
the feeling of lightheadedness. 90% of the party-goers
were stoned or drunk, and nearly everybody was echoing
the beats of the music with the movement of their bodies
on the dance floor.

A young man, about 19 years old, engaged in a deep lip-
lock just at the edge of Grace’s sight, his hands moving
lewdly up her shirt and touching the woman’s undoubtedly
hard nipples. Grace sighed, exhaling the smoke slowly,
and fighting off a bout of depression.

“Don’t think about it!” she chided herself, pushing the
thought out of her head. The thought that had
reverberated throughout her mind for a year; “aren’t you
going to get laid yet? Are you going to be a virgin for
the rest of your life?”

She’d had her share of suitors, and had her pussy eaten
out a time or two. But none of them had been special
enough to let his hot cock inside of her pussy. She kept
it shaved and neat, however, hoping that one day the
chance would come again.… Read the rest

A Learning Experience

by M. Bee (address withheld)


Mickey invites a black coworker to dinner in the hope
of seducing him into bed, only to have him show up with
his white girlfriend. But after a short time, she finds
out that his girlfriend only adds to the excitement of
the evening. (MFF, FF, 1st-lesbian-exp, intr, voy)


When it comes to sex, I’ve always perceived myself as
very open, sophisticated, adventurous, erotic and
fairly aggressive, in a lady-like way. I have a very
healthy sexual appetite and usually find a way of
getting what I want when I want it. And what I wanted,
several months ago, was Eric, an English professor who
joined our department at the beginning of the Fall

The first time I met Eric, at our weekly staff meeting,
I was immediately taken not only by his obvious
intelligence, but by his quick wit and easy, self-
effacing humor. The fact that he was extremely
handsome, very tall and muscular with a lean, athletic
kind of build was certainly a bonus, but the fact that
he was black somehow made him even more appealing.

Under the guise of explaining our unusual curriculum to
him, I invited him to dinner at my home the following
Saturday night and he happily accepted. I couldn’t wait
for the weekend and literally counted the hours waiting
to get that black stud in bed with me.

Saturday night finally arrived and after showering and
preening for two hours, I carefully selected my
wardrobe to best show off my figure without appearing
too obvious.… Read the rest