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After The Party

by Ben1 (no address provided)


Wife becomes more adventurous after the events at a
party they attended at their friend’s house. (FFM, bi,
swinger, orgy)


We had settled into a routine of having sex once a
week at the weekends as we were working and were tired
after the hard week. The sex was great and we were
trying to keep the trill as high as possible.

Jean came come home very late some nights from work
saying that she had to stay back to finish some work.
She would go straight to bed those nights saying she
was very tired and needed to get her rest. This went
on for a few weeks and even at the weekends we did not
have any sex as she was too tired.

One Friday night Jean came home late and said that one
of the women was leaving and they were having a going
away party for her on the Saturday night.

On the Saturday Jean was getting ready and was having
a few drinks as she did so. She was having a shower
and I brought her in another drink, as I entered the
shower room I noticed that she was shaving her pussy.
I stood and watched her doing it, she completely
shaved all her pussy hair off. Normally I do this for
her and we would have great sex while doing so. I made
a noise as I entered the room and Jean turned her back
to me saying she was just finished and leave the drink
on the unit.… Read the rest