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Angelina Jolie: Away For The Weekend

by Mark Oxford (markoxford@hotmail.com)


Angelina needed to get away from it all so she called
her fellow actor buddy Jennifer Connelly to see if she
would go with her. (FF, bi, celeb-parody)


What celebrities always hated the most about their
relationships were break ups, and the way that their
personal heartbreaks were always splashed around in the
tabloid press.

All the heartaches that the general population felt
during their separations were also felt by the film
stars, models, singers… during their break ups. But
this would always be compounded by the fact that most
people didn’t have to have their problems rammed into
their face everywhere they looked.

People magazine, The National Enquirer, and the weekly
press seemed to advertise it all like it was anyone’s
business. The truth was that people in the spotlight had
the same emotions: fears, hurts, insecurities, joys,
laughs, lusts, loves, angers and excitements as anyone

Angelina Jolie was really feeling the pinch at the
moment. Her career had just hit the stratosphere, with a
collection of box office hits topped off with the
Academy Award she’d received in March. She could command
a large fee, whilst keeping her artistic wishes alive if
she wanted to.

The world was her oyster, and she wanted to make the
most of it. But she was also experiencing the down side
of it all, and now more than ever. Nobody had taken her
relationship and consequent marriage to Billy-Bob
Thornton seriously, but to her it had been the real
deal.… Read the rest