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Anna and the Aussie

By Rinky Dink (gregg777us@yahoo.com)


Featuring Anna Kournikova and Jennifer Capriati.

None of the below is true (except for news flash). None
of the characters are real, even ones with real names.
This is a work of fiction and due to sexual situations
no one under 18 should read this.


News Flash: Despite incredible heat and being way down
in the match, Jennifer Capriati saved three match
points and won the 2002 Australian Open in the final
against Martina Hingis.

The good news for Anna Kournikova was that her foot
injury had healed enough where she could go back on the
women’s tennis tour and enjoy her sex slave, Jennifer
Capriati, on a weekly basis. Anna had previously
hypnotized Capriati (see Night Cap: The Prequel) to be
her secret lover.

She was tired of going to her “boyfriend’s” hockey
games and fending off his advances, even if he did make
$10 million a year. She had explained to him many times
she was a virgin and would not sleep with a man until
her wedding night.

Of course, she failed to mention to him that she had no
problem sleeping with women, as she was really a
lesbian, and that the only marriage she would ever have
was maybe one of those funky gay ones they have in

Anna’s first major tournament since her comeback was
the Australian Open.

She had been pissed when she ended up having to play
No. 6 seed Justine Henin in the first round.… Read the rest