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Anna K. and Jennifer Capriati

by jackjohn (yorkville55@msn.com)


The girls get together to compare notes.


Disclaimer: If you are under 18 and/or object to stories
with strong sexual content, then you should leave this
page now. Also, this is a work of fiction. No claim of
or inference of either person’s sexual orientation is
intended herein.


Jennifer Capriati was feeling on top of the world. She
was finally back where she knew she belonged, at
Wimbledon, advancing toward the finals. Her last match
had been a grueling one that seemed to drain the life
from her. Though feeling great about her chances at
making the finals, she was exhausted both physically and

After the usual barrage of post match interviews, Jen
made her way to the locker rooms to shower and head back
to the hotel for some welcome rest. Finding the showers
all occupied, she found a sofa off in a quiet corner to
wait her turn. A slight nudge and a “Jennifer-wake up,”
had brought her back from her state of peaceful slumber.

Upon opening her eyes, she was greeted with the sight of
Anna Kournikova leaning over her and calling her name to
wake up. “Ohh, Hi Anna! Oh my gosh! What time is it?” she
asked as she tried to clear her dream clouded head.

“It’s almost midnight,” answered Anna, “you’ve been
sleeping here for almost 8 hours it seems”

“Wow,” Jennifer replied, “I must have been more tired
than I realized. I’d better get my things and get back to
my hotel I guess.” As she was getting her things
together, she began to wonder why Anna was in the locker
room at this time of night.… Read the rest