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Ally McBeal – Buried Pleasures

by Ann Douglas
The following is a work of erotic fiction and
includes scenes of sexual activity. It includes
characters that are copyrighted by Fox TV. This
story is intended for the non-commerical
enjoyment of fans and should be considered a
parody . No copyright infringement is intended
and no profit will be made from the distribution of
this story.

Ally McBeal – Buried Pleasures (ff)
(An Alternate Version)
by Ann Douglas

“I’m not gay. I’m not even ashamed to
admit I don’t want to be gay, but….” Ally McBeal
said as she sat in her office at Cage, Fish and

“… you’re curious.” the young beautiful
Asian woman sitting across from Ally said as she
finished her sentence.

Her name was Ling Woo, and like Ally,
she was a lawyer at the Boston firm. Originally
she had been a client of another of the firms
lawyers, Nelle Porter, and had eventually joined
the firm as well.

“Well it wasn’t just that, Ling” Ally went
on. “For whatever reason last night … I had an …
urge …”

She paused for a brief moment.

“… to kiss you.”

Ling rose from her chair, leaning forward
across Ally’s desk. She looked into Ally’s eyes in a
sultry voice and asked.

“Do you now?”

Not waiting for an answer, Ling turned
and walked to the door. Alley watched as she
closed it and turned the lock. The sound of the
bolt falling into place was deafening.

Alley got up from behind her desk and met
Ling halfway across the room.… Read the rest