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All Girls

by Edward Rider (ed_rider7@hotmail.com)


Author’s note: The following piece is a work of
pornography. Because the characters in it do not have to
deal with the consequences of their actions, they put
themselves in situations that are undesirable in real
life. The primary intent of this text is to sexually
arouse the reader. If this makes you uncomfortable, or
if you are 19.5 years of age or younger, please stop
reading now.


I hope that if you’re reading this, you’re too old to
use this piece of advice. However, here it is anyway. If
you’re just out of high school, and thinking about going
to a women’s college, don’t. I did, and while it’s true
there are some nice things about it, there are some
major disadvantages. In fact, there’s mostly just one
big disadvantage: there’s no men.

I guess there are plenty of ways to meet guys, but I
don’t seem to have much luck with it in general. It
seems like school can end up occupying so much of my
attention that I don’t have time to go far a field to
socialize. I end up spending too much time hanging
around campus, with only women for company.

So that’s what you need to know about me, really. My
roommate Nicole is a bit more open, but she too has been
without a boyfriend for the whole year we’ve lived
together. Between the two of us, our sex lives were
basically nil. We’d talked about that a couple time
before, but we never actually got around to going out to
look for men.… Read the rest