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Anna and the Aussie

By Rinky Dink (


Featuring Anna Kournikova and Jennifer Capriati.

None of the below is true (except for news flash). None
of the characters are real, even ones with real names.
This is a work of fiction and due to sexual situations
no one under 18 should read this.


News Flash: Despite incredible heat and being way down
in the match, Jennifer Capriati saved three match
points and won the 2002 Australian Open in the final
against Martina Hingis.

The good news for Anna Kournikova was that her foot
injury had healed enough where she could go back on the
women’s tennis tour and enjoy her sex slave, Jennifer
Capriati, on a weekly basis. Anna had previously
hypnotized Capriati (see Night Cap: The Prequel) to be
her secret lover.

She was tired of going to her “boyfriend’s” hockey
games and fending off his advances, even if he did make
$10 million a year. She had explained to him many times
she was a virgin and would not sleep with a man until
her wedding night.

Of course, she failed to mention to him that she had no
problem sleeping with women, as she was really a
lesbian, and that the only marriage she would ever have
was maybe one of those funky gay ones they have in

Anna’s first major tournament since her comeback was
the Australian Open.

She had been pissed when she ended up having to play
No. 6 seed Justine Henin in the first round.… Read the rest

Anna K. and Jennifer Capriati

by jackjohn (


The girls get together to compare notes.


Disclaimer: If you are under 18 and/or object to stories
with strong sexual content, then you should leave this
page now. Also, this is a work of fiction. No claim of
or inference of either person’s sexual orientation is
intended herein.


Jennifer Capriati was feeling on top of the world. She
was finally back where she knew she belonged, at
Wimbledon, advancing toward the finals. Her last match
had been a grueling one that seemed to drain the life
from her. Though feeling great about her chances at
making the finals, she was exhausted both physically and

After the usual barrage of post match interviews, Jen
made her way to the locker rooms to shower and head back
to the hotel for some welcome rest. Finding the showers
all occupied, she found a sofa off in a quiet corner to
wait her turn. A slight nudge and a “Jennifer-wake up,”
had brought her back from her state of peaceful slumber.

Upon opening her eyes, she was greeted with the sight of
Anna Kournikova leaning over her and calling her name to
wake up. “Ohh, Hi Anna! Oh my gosh! What time is it?” she
asked as she tried to clear her dream clouded head.

“It’s almost midnight,” answered Anna, “you’ve been
sleeping here for almost 8 hours it seems”

“Wow,” Jennifer replied, “I must have been more tired
than I realized. I’d better get my things and get back to
my hotel I guess.” As she was getting her things
together, she began to wonder why Anna was in the locker
room at this time of night.… Read the rest

An Irish Lullaby

by Luanne (address withheld)


A recently divorced Irish girl living in Chicago
discovers a different side to her sexuality. (FF, 1st-


My name is Luanne… Luanne O’Brien. I guess you can
tell by my name that I am Irish, and Irish I am and
proud of it too! I was born twenty-seven years ago in
Clare County, Ireland.

My family moving to Guthrie, Alabama when I was a lass
of twelve. My dear father decided on Guthrie because he
had an uncle living there and family ties are strong
when you are Irish. My parents live there to this day
on six acres of the hardest scrabble land you ever
tried to build a farm on.

Rather than try to offer you some sort of description
of myself, let me just say that I look very much like
the country western singer Reba MacEntire. If you don’t
know who she is, then just use your imagination to
picture me any way that suits your fancy. The short red
hair and the still tightly wrapped body, all of that
and more have I. That is as close as I can come to
giving you an accurate description, and for Pete’s
sake, why would you need more? Writing a book you are?
Just leave that Chapter out then.

I met and married a handsome fellow that came roaring
into Guthrie one day on his Harley Davidson and I
practically leapt into his arms, I did… especially
when he promised he would take me out of the small town
mud puddle I was mired in.… Read the rest

Angelina Jolie: Away For The Weekend

by Mark Oxford (


Angelina needed to get away from it all so she called
her fellow actor buddy Jennifer Connelly to see if she
would go with her. (FF, bi, celeb-parody)


What celebrities always hated the most about their
relationships were break ups, and the way that their
personal heartbreaks were always splashed around in the
tabloid press.

All the heartaches that the general population felt
during their separations were also felt by the film
stars, models, singers… during their break ups. But
this would always be compounded by the fact that most
people didn’t have to have their problems rammed into
their face everywhere they looked.

People magazine, The National Enquirer, and the weekly
press seemed to advertise it all like it was anyone’s
business. The truth was that people in the spotlight had
the same emotions: fears, hurts, insecurities, joys,
laughs, lusts, loves, angers and excitements as anyone

Angelina Jolie was really feeling the pinch at the
moment. Her career had just hit the stratosphere, with a
collection of box office hits topped off with the
Academy Award she’d received in March. She could command
a large fee, whilst keeping her artistic wishes alive if
she wanted to.

The world was her oyster, and she wanted to make the
most of it. But she was also experiencing the down side
of it all, and now more than ever. Nobody had taken her
relationship and consequent marriage to Billy-Bob
Thornton seriously, but to her it had been the real
deal.… Read the rest

A Neighbor Affair

by Mredfox (


I needed to be loved so bad, I turned to my female
neighbor, who turned out to be the ultimate love of my
life. (FF, 1st-lesbian-expr)


I’m thirty eight years old, got married right out of
high school and the last three years of what is now a
twenty year marriage, have for me, been right out of
hell. I am a very sexual lady, when I was first
married, we fucked at least once every day, in every
place imaginable and we kept up that pace for at least
seven or eight years. After that, it became three or
four times a week, not quite what I was used to, but I
could live with it.

It really started getting bad sexually, around fifteen
years into our marriage and my husband hasn’t touched
me in any kind of fashion, for over a year, even though
I have greeted him nude at the door, when he came home
from work. I have also tried various sexy type outfits,
to no avail, but a couple of years ago; he said he
would like to do a threesome, with another woman.

I just thought then, that he wanted to have sex with
somebody else besides me, but lately, I have become a
little desperate, so I asked him if he was really
serious about having a threesome. He perked right up,
actually smiled, asked if I had somebody in mind and
when I said no, but I could look for somebody, if he is
serious.… Read the rest

And From Nowhere She Came

by Helen Smith (


When a friendship heats up it can take you to places
you never thought you’d go! (FF, rom)


“No worries, it happens,” I told her outside the
playschool. That was the first time we met. Her son and
my daughter had had a fight, just a kiddie thing,
nothing to worry about.

She invited me for coffee and I accepted readily. We
chatted and laughed the whole morning. I noticed a
thrill running through me every time we stood close or
accidentally brushed past each other, I put it down to
the relief and fun of finding a friend in a new area.

Every morning we dropped the kids off and went to
Caroline’s for coffee, it was a great friendship. We
spent our time helping each other with the mundane
tasks around the house and garden, and shared the car
for the weekly shop. I loved the feeling I had when we
were together. And the feeling was growing; it was
almost a feeling of excited anticipation. Anticipation
of what I wasn’t sure!

One particular morning, whilst sharing coffee and chat,
seemed to be the turning point. The sun was shining and
the kids were running in and out of the garden.
Caroline’s twin tub was slogging its heart out with the
pressure of the family’s wash day. So hard was it
working that it began its weekly dance across the
kitchen floor.

With laughing eyes Caroline shouted to me to sit on it
to keep it still.… Read the rest

Sisters Under the Skin

by Lori Helm

Anna knelt in her ‘secret place’. It was dark. The only
light came in through a crack in the wall. When her
family had moved into this house a year ago she had found
this small cubby-hole behind a secret panel in her
closet. She had covered the entrance with some clothes
and hadn’t told anyone about it. Whenever she wanted to
be alone, she could come here and nobody could find her.

Tonight she knelt, naked, in her secret place, so she
could ‘pet’ herself. She didn’t know why it felt so good
when she rubbed herself, but she knew she didn’t want her
parents to know. She was sure her mother would tell her
it wasn’t right’. She had overheard her sister getting
lectured about it a few years ago, and now she knew why
her sister did it.

Ana’s sister Barbie was 15 to Ana’s, 11. Through the
crack in the wall she could see into her sister’s room.
She knew that Barbie still petted herself, even after she
was told not to. Now Ana watched through the crack to see
if her sister would do it again tonight. Barbie lay in
bed, still, but not asleep. Ana was about to give up on
her when Barbie sat up in bed suddenly, then went to the
window. Ana couldn’t see the window clearly, but when
Barbie came back into sight, she had a boy with her. It
was Alan Thompson. Ana thought Barbie had stopped going
out with him because their mother didn’t like him.… Read the rest

Alternate Decision

by Goldfish (address withheld)


A young woman tells a story relating to things that are
happening in her home country. Very brutal and very
volatile. (FF, nc, rp, v, sn, sci-fi)


A story written in honor of several women in Sudan who
have been imprisoned for wearing pants in public and
some of them not wearing a burke, again in public. There
are already been women who have been purposely sentenced
to corporal dismemberment, as punishment, designed for
women in an undefined society that regards women as
created strictly for the enjoyment of men and
specifically for the usage of women as slaves of the
social or religious order.

Bitter wars are already being waged in accordance to
these rules and food production is suffering and the
human suffering is increasing under these same rules.
The basis of this story borrows from some of the themes
of the early classic of “Soylant Green”. Some of the
scenes were borrowed from other stories of a similar

Riana was being led into the prison for offending the
Imam by not having her burke fully covering her face in
the temple and wearing pants in public when she was at
the daily prayer meeting. Six of the women had been
grabbed and sentenced before the judge that day. All of
us were reasonably young and been married for 6 to 8
years to our husbands as child brides. None of us were
over 18 and each of us had only a single child since we
were married.… Read the rest

A Love So Beautiful

By Meredith Jaussaud (


A 22-year-old woman discovers the girl who has held her
heart since adolescence. Her 40-year-old Aunt. A
romantic, captivating journey into the profound love
between two women. Life long desires are finally given
their moment to share in this alluring tale of romantic
incest between Aunt and Niece.


This story is entirely fictional. The characters in this
story are not real, nor are they in any way related to
any real living individual. The intent is strictly for
the enjoyment of all readers, and it is not an
endorsement of any theme and/or lifestyle.

I welcome all feedback as long as it is supportive and


A Love So Beautiful
by MJ

Meredith was a typical 22-year-old college graduate… A
prominently radiant woman, her Latina features could lure
any person into getting what she wanted. She knew this,
but felt it was unfair to use her body in getting what
she wanted. Having just graduated, the pressure of
landing a secure job frightened the young woman as
college loan companies would soon be banging on her door.

She had always been the independent type; strong and
secure about herself, not like the rest of her sorority
friends had been. They were muddled with the typical rush
of life, marriage, and children…

Meredith wanted nothing of that. Her mind was open to
endless possibilities, and she knew it was her duty to
explore every option possible in order to be truly happy.

Back late one afternoon from her job at a local
bookstore, she sorted through the mail of the day.… Read the rest

Almost Identical

by LoveBeautifulWomen (


Beth and Becky are identical twins who live in a
conservative Midwestern town. In this first installment
of my story, these tall, blonde twins find that they
truly are beautiful and sexy and they discover sex in a
way that their town would obviously frown upon. (ff-
teens, 1st, inc, mast, oral, rom)



In some areas of the world or country, a lesbian couple
is not considered so out of the ordinary. However, in
some Midwestern towns, the idea of lesbians is still
practically taboo and is very rarely seen out in the
open. Such was the case where Beth and Becky Henderson
lived. Even rarer was it to see a young girl come out
of the closet. In this mid-sized town where they lived
the backgrounds of the people were mostly German and
Irish and very, very Catholic.

Many of the private schools such as the one Beth and
Becky went to were all girl schools (or all guys
schools such as the school next door to Beth and
Becky’s all girl school. Becky and Beth lived in a
suburb of town which perhaps in the early 1900’s was a
premier place to live. However, since the mid 1980’s it
had fallen on rough times as crime went up and the
number of friendly neighbors went down.

However, the Henderson family was sort of a diamond in
the rough, in that their four children were all highly
intelligent and very good looking. None of the children
would have had a chance to go to the all girls or all
boys private schools except that they each got
scholarships because of their intelligence.… Read the rest