The Best Days Ever

by Vin (address withheld)


A true account of sexual adventures of a couple
involving consenting adults. (FFM, orgy, bi, swing, ws)


My story is based on the truth and I have changed the
names for obvious reasons.

The best days ever are about the 18 months or so I had a
relationship with a women when I was 28 who changed my
outlook on just about everything I thought and had
considered before our meeting.

From the events I’m about to describe don’t think of me
as some sort of sad pervert because since the end of the
described relationship I have been in a stable and loving
relationship for 3 years.

Caz came into my life in June 98 by the way of a kind of
blind date rushed at the last minute. I did have a
girlfriend at the time but she lived at the other end of
the country so being recently divorced I was going
through the time were anything was fair game.

Our first meeting was just drinks and a chat with a mate
of mine and his girlfriend. Even then Caz caught my eye,
she was about 5’2″ and thin with no chest to speak of but
a lovely pair of deep blue eyes with brunette hair cut
into a bob.

I arranged a date for the next week and we took off from
there. Our first sex was nothing to shout about even
though Caz was a squirter when she came. I will always
remember her thick pussy hair didn’t seem to fit on such
a thin body which would have passed for sixteen which
wasn’t bad considering she was 26 at the time with a 2
year old son from a previous marriage.

I have always preferred shaven pussys so Caz was eager to
do this which when completed showed her small slit with
no sprouting lips to their fullest. Also with her going
on the pill our sex life began to expand to the perverse.


Our first time at anal was initiated by Caz telling me of
her constant masturbation since her divorce and since she
had been an Anne Summers rep had a full collection of

One night in bed I remember her giving me a long slow
blowjob with spit dribbling all over my cock and soaking
my trimmed pubes, for such a tiny women she could still
swallow my cock to the root on the down stroke. She
abruptly stopped and just said, “let’s play.” I watched
her remove from a box in the wardrobe a thin anal
vibrator and tested it worked. Slowly pushing me onto my
side she began licking and tonguing my arsehole, at the
time I wondered how she was finding it considering I had
not showered and had been for a shit at work. The
tonguing went on for some time, which I found erotic and
dirty with me moaning the words for her to “clean my
stinking ass out you dirty bitch.” With great tenderness
Caz applied a blob of KY to the vibro and inserted it up
my ass, it felt great and caused my cock to leak and
throb. “Now my turn” was all she said and came up with
wet lips to let me taste my own arse.

She proceeded to get on all fours and present her shitter
to me; I think the way she reached back and spread her
cheeks was the clue. With her cheeks spread this caused
her bald pussy lips to spread also giving me a view of
thick girl cream smeared from one lip to the next. This
was not my first time at anal but with my average sized
cock I said, “This is never going to fit in there.”

“It will” was her only reply.

With Caz being only a size 6 I had visions of hurting her
but what the fuck she started this and was obviously no
anal novice. A quick swipe through her pussy lips was the
only lubrication and I peeled my foreskin back and eased
it against her backdoor. I slide the full length in
slowly but determinedly and knew right away this hole had
been busted many times before with vibrators I found out
later, but probably by more than one or two cocks as
well. Caz was turning out to be a bit of a nympho, the
quiet ones are always the worst.

The vibrator in my arse was transferring the sensations
through my cock and into her shitter causing her to grip
the sheets and moan. I fucked her arse just as I would
her pussy enjoying watching her anal ring stretching
around my bell end. On one outward stroke I noticed her
shit behind my crown, which the smell of turned me on
even more and gave me a sadistic pleasure. Even though I
never have been into scat. As a note in real life anal
sex is more often than not a smelly and messy affair yet
most erotic stories fail to mention this. Back to the
sex, I knew now Caz had lost control from my reaming.

This runny shit lubed her up and allowed air in to her
rectum causing arse farts on each inward thrust. We were
both lathered in sweat from the exertion by way of this
primitive and taboo sex. Nice girls aren’t supposed to
like it up the arse are they?

I was beginning to lose that tight sensation of her arse
as her muscles slackened so concentrated on spunking it,
with nasty thoughts and an increase in tempo I unloaded
into her shit streaked bowel with my last thrust pushing
past her rectum with her being so small. That will take
some shitting out in the morning I thought. With no
ceremony and because I was worn out I fell back tearing
my softening shit smeared cock from her ruined arse.

Sitting back and with Caz catching her breath I watched
her arsehole twitch and 2 small bits of shit just fell
from her hole to the bedding. I don’t think she even knew
she was doing it because her hole was so abused. On her
turning around a minute later to light a fag she noticed
the shit and said, ” Well if were going to play with our
arses it’s bound to get messy.” She proceeded to watch me
removed the vibro from my own arse then gather up the
bedding to change it. I heard the plop of the shit into
the toilet before the sheets were put in the washing


Over the course of our relationship anal became a regular
occurrence and more often than not Caz shit herself but
couldn’t give a dam.

Our expansion on anal play progressed to the purchase of
a strap on cock Caz could fuck me in return for all the
times I had mercilessly pounded her back door. The strap
on was huge when it arrived, some 9′ with a thick girth.

With some tender patient coaxing from Caz I managed to
get the dam thing up my arse with the aid of plenty of KY
but couldn’t be fucked by it until I could learn to relax
more. The day came when after being partly pissed Caz
strapped on her new toy and slipped a condom over its
length, this was to make it a smoother feel I was told.

With much gritting of teeth she began to fuck me. Wow! It
was like nothing else I had experienced and I felt like I
was out of control this time. My cock was leaking all the
time and Caz just gently shook it not wanked it so I
wouldn’t cum to quick. With plenty of re-application of
KY Caz began to build a sweat up shagging me in doggy
style. After only five mins or so she increased the pace
and tempo which I can’t lie did hurt when in too deep but
the rubbing on my prostrate and the feeling of a sweaty
woman being in control of me more than made up for the
pain. I can’t remember the exact words she said at this
point something like “now you know how I feel.” I was out
of control and spunked all over the sheets. As Caz let me
cum she slowly withdrew the cock and I felt a little
embarrassed as a flood of brown colored jelly ran from my
stretched arse and over my balls to the bed.


I’ve always had a bit of a watersports fetish and most
girlfriends in the past and since have indulged me in
this if not joined in with vigor.

The first time with Caz was on a summers evening sat in
her small back garden drinking wine when she said she
needed a wee. “Just do it there so I can watch,” was all
I said. She had on only a small flowery summer dress and
nothing else so with that she squatted down by the wall
between her home and the neighbors and lifted her dress
above the waist. She proceeded to squat and spread her
legs revealing her tiny bald pussy still red and swollen
from our early sex and began to push. Nothing happened
until she twiddled her tummy button then a thin stream of
clear piss arched out from her flaps and splashed a good
two feet away. This sticks in my mind because as she
pushed her piss out my spunk from earlier gathered at the
base of her hole and blobbed to the slabs below, all the
time I was slowly rubbing my cock ready to pounce and
fuck her to within a blink of her life. Needles to say I
dragged her to bed.


Our watersports got kinkier as time went on. After
vigorous shag in the kitchen I was still inside her
freshly spunked pussy when I felt the need to piss. I
just giggled being full of beer and let go inside her.
Caz rubbed her size A tits as I filled her to the brim
with my beer piss. The pressure in her pussy built so my
cock was forced out which was proceeded by a gush of
spunk and piss from her hole which surprised me by its
force as it splattered all over the cooker front.

After nights out more often than not I would sit her in
the shower naked and put my soft piss flavored cock in
her mouth and slowly release my bladder so she could
drink every drop all the time she would gulp and stare in
the eye.

Caz enjoyed making me drink her piss, the kinkiest time
was probably when we were out drinking and with it being
busy the ladies was always full so in between pubs Caz
just said, “come on I need to piss” and led me to a
stinking alley between shops were everyone went for a
piss. Dressed in her summer dress with only a brown see
through thong on she went to the back of the alley
leading me by the hand through puddles of piss and two
lads and one of their girlfriends pissing and squatting
away. Leaning against the wall she took her thong off
that was already soaked with pussy juice because by her
own admission her pussy leaked juices all the time and
rotted her underwear before anything else. “Kneel down
and drink my piss.”

“What about my shirt?” was my answer before she pulled
me down by my shoulders to her pussy.

The smell was beautiful a mixture of red-hot woman and
juices which believe it or not had a hint of copper as
Caz had come off the pill and had a coil fitted. “You can
just say someone spilt a pint on you,” was all she said
before thrusting her pussy to my mouth and letting go a
solid stream of beer and wine piss with a sweet tang from
Alco pop. I felt heady as I gulped and slathered my way
into her pussy. Fortunately I managed to drink most of it
but I had a strange smell around me for the rest of the
night. Back home I re-cycled the liquid once more by
giving Caz my bladder contents once again.

After 6 months together and having sex several times
everyday our limits were being pushed and we began to
talk of our fantasies.


One night after putting a full load up Caz from the back
she remained on her hands and knees whilst I lit a fag to
share and recover. Her swollen bald pussy was only inches
from my face when I noticed the combination of our juices
begin to slither from her hole and form a pearl. For some
unknown reason I lent forward and licked the pearl up and
began sucking and tonguing inside her slimed hole for
more of the same, this unexpectedly drove her crazy and
she bucked on my face until she squirted her girl cum
from her piss hole which tasted slightly bitter but meant
I’d really got her going. “Thank-you, that really turns
me. Simon used to love doing that to me.” She said after
she had got her breath back. This was the first time she
had mentioned her ex husband and what their sex life was
like because we both knew we had a passed record but
agreed not to talk about it because whatever had happened
in the past was what had made us like we are today and
that was the person we liked now.

“Was he kinky?”

“Yes, he tried to talk me into a 3 some with his skin-head
mate because he wanted to see me fuck someone else but I
decided not to.”

“Not my cup of tea that either,” was all I could muster
in response.

“I wouldn’t mind having a 3 some with another girl,” she
said sleepily. “And I’d let you have that double girl
blow-job you said you’d like but she’d have to let you
spunk up her arse so I could suck it out.” Fucking hell!
She’s really gone crazy I thought. Trying to sound casual

“The hard bit would be to get someone who’d fancy it.”
After a few draws of her fag “There’s a girl at college,
she’s only 19 but one of our exercises was to tell the
person you were working with a secret you had told nobody
else and hers was to sleep with a man and a woman at the
same time. I’ll ask her next time I see her.”

“Yeah, sounds good if you think you can handle it?” trying
To sound like it was all in a days work. After a moment
That seemed like an hour “It’s only sex.”

I should have heard the alarm bells ringing then that the
woman I had fallen in love with was a grade one slut but
only time would make me realize.


A couple of weeks later I turned up at Caz’s house
expecting a night on the town but after letting myself in
Caz was in the living room drinking wine with a young
woman. My first impressions were wow! Jen was sat looking
slightly nervous cradling her wine, she was slim but not
as skinny as Caz and still had that bit of late teen’s
chubbiness. Her hair was shoulder length and slightly
wavy with brown eyes slightly darker than her
Mediterranean skin due to her being half Cypriot I found
out later.

To cut a long story short we all loosened up after a few
drinks and made our way to bed for sex, I was scared to
death but looking forward to my first threesome and most
men’s fantasy. I can’t remember much of the conversation
but Caz and I stripped naked first and waited for Jen.

She was dressed conservatively in calf length black boots
a white blouse and knee length skirt, which were removed
quickly leaving her in a matching white thong and bra and
the boots at my insistence. After the bra went revealing
her firm probably C cup tits she turned to face me and
pulled her thong down which stuck at the lips of her
pussy because she was dribbling juices heavily. Bald lips
and a thin untrimmed line of pubes rising up. Very Nice!


The next scene I remember is the double BJ I was promised
as both girls slathered over my Iron hard cock. Jen was
not the best at BJ’s but had a liking of licking down the
side of my balls, which are very sensitive. At one point
I was sat on Caz’s face as she French kissed my arse and
tongued it like a pussy as Jen bobbed up and down on my
cock. They began kissing after that very tenderly but I
didn’t see Jen care if she could taste my arse on Caz. At
the moment of spunking I was in Jens mouth as Caz wanked
me dry. This being a true story the girls didn’t snowball
my cum, as Jen swallowed it all but they did kiss with
tongues as I lay back to have a fag and recover.

Later Caz was riding my cock as Jen sat on my face; her
pussy was tighter than Caz’s and her juices were more
flowery. My nose was on her little arse, which was very
sweaty and musty but with a few swipes of my tongue
cleaned it and brought oohs and arrhs of appreciation
from Jen. I presume the girls were kissing at this point
but with a face full of 19-year-old bald pussy I couldn’t

As Jen was tentatively eating Caz who was sat back
against the headboard smoking I got behind Jen to fuck
her. Jen pulled up from Caz with a flushed and sweaty
face. “I’ve stopped taking my pill since I split up with
John, you’ll have to use a condom” before returning to
eat Caz’s sex. A condom was put on and I settled behind

Jens up turned and wiggling behind. Her juices were
abundant and her woman smell was strong and hot. Even
with the condom on the heat and tightness of this 19 year
olds pussy was fantastic. I thought to myself, “Old John
can’t have had much of a cock because Jen’s pussy muscles
were still firm.” I gave the best performance I could and
made Jen cum a number of times as she moaned into my
girlfriend’s pussy. We had agreed to have anal to satisfy
Caz’s fantasy of sucking my spunk from a girls arse
before hand so I wasn’t going to come in Jens pussy which
turned out to be a good thing as the condom broke so I
fucked her bareback for the last couple of minutes
without her knowing.

Caz warmed and stretched Jens arse up, as she was far
gentler than me. I watched whilst Jen kept my cock hard,
my Girlfriend lick and dribble on Jens arse then use KY
and 2 vibrators until she was relaxed enough for me.

Bareback Anal was agreed upon even though we all were
aware of the dangers from disease. Caz wiped my cock
around Jens hole, which looked sore even before I began.

She peeled my skin back and pushed me in slowly then Jen
Backed onto me until I was in up to the Balls. Jen had
been fucked up the arse many times before she told us
earlier so knew the score and before long I had a good
depth and rhythm going. I could lie and say wonderful
things about Jens arse but an arse is an arse just tight
and taboo even though she did have small well-toned
buttocks, which is always a bonus. I sawed in and out for
a good ten minutes as caz kissed me and reminded me not
to cum to deep as it would take ages to come back out.

Jen was enjoying her reaming as well and was encouraging
me to “Fuck it!” and “How does it feel Caz to watch your
bloke fuck me up the arse?” After giving Jen a couple of
cums it was time for me to do my bit in the fantasy so
began plunging deeper and faster into Jens colon in an
effort to spunk her. My cock was streaked brown and
didn’t smell pleasant but that made it all the more
nastier and taboo. I tried not to cum too deep but to get
any sensation I had to go deep out of her anal chute and
into the next muscled part of her rectum as Jens
sphincter muscles were stretched and useless for the time
being. As I spunked up It felt like a good load had been
deposited I then pulled my spent and stained cock from
the ruined hole and watched a dribble of browned KY exit
after, not very appealing I thought. Up until then Caz
had been wanking to a frenzy watching me and Jen rut like
second-rate porn stars taking turns to kiss us and watch
my cock going in and out into her young friends arse.

After I had pulled out She dived into Jens buttocks and
swiped the stained lubricant up in one lick. I didn’t
find it very erotic as Caz clamped her mouth over Jens
anus and sucked and tongued to retrieve my sperm like a
mad women. I was staring at my cock as it began to dry
with shit and mess on it as Caz slid under Jen in the
classic 69 position to get better access to her hole. Jen
just rested her cheek on Caz’s pussy and made no attempt
to eat her as Caz in an aggressive voice said, “Sit up a
bit and push his cum out.” Jen did and Caz returned to
her rimming. The cum came out in a stained white oyster
looking lump and burst over Caz’s nose and top lip as she
slobbered it up like a women in a frenzy. Unfortunately
for Caz a piece of shit the size of a bean came out as a
result of Jens pushing and was smeared all over Face,
tongue and anus alike. Caz didn’t seem bothered as she
continued her assault.

I had seen enough and was slightly repulsed as I went and
had a Shower. Then Caz went in after me and as I returned
to the bedroom the smells of sex were overpowering.
Sweat, pussy and spunk with a strong smell of Jens Bowel
Contents. Jen was Sat hunched having a fag on my return.

“Are you OK, did you enjoy that?”

“Yeah it was good but now I’ve done it I think that will
be it.” I got the feeling she felt used and cheap to
satisfy a distant fantasy for herself but one that Caz
instigated. I know how she felt I had that same used
feeling and realized maybe some fantasy’s should be left
just as that.

We never did repeat that episode with Jen and whenever I
saw her out especially with her new boyfriend always was
a little distant even though before hand we had agreed
not to gossip.


In our conversations of sex and fantasies we were both
very open and knew of our Bi tendencies mostly
experienced many years ago during that experimental stage
in your early teen years. After our episode with Jen
things didn’t change then Caz kept mentioning a new girl
at college in similar circumstances as herself and the
same age.

I first met Zoe on a night drinking and was quite taken
by her body but her personality was too showy for me. Zoe
was about 5′ 5″ with straggled blonde hair and C cup
tits. On this night out she wore a tight Lycra top and
black hot pants that wedged up her pussy in the classic
camel-toe style.

The blokes in the club were like fly’s around shit with
her and couldn’t buy her drinks quick enough. Caz was
dancing with her at any chance she could get and I felt
she resented my presence even though I was chatting and
dancing away with the rest of our social group. The 2
girls seemed to be competing for attention.

As the night went on Zoe chose a Kenyan guy from the many
men around her to dance and drink with which was fair
enough and on speaking to him he was well educated and
pleasant. At closing time Caz told me Zoe was staying at
her house with us and could sleep in her sons room as he
was with his grand parents for the night. That was fine
but by now Zoe and the Kenyan guy were kissing and
mauling each other in the shadows which didn’t hide the
act of Zoe getting her pussy frigged as you could plainly
see the hot pants stretched as he fingered her.

As we waited for a taxi Zoe shouted to us in a laughing
sort of way as she was leading her guy down an alley
opposite the club “Give me a shout when you have a taxi I
NEED to cum!” Fucking slag were the first words in my

I looked at Caz and she gave a no emotion look so I
asked “Zoe seems to like her cock, what do you know about
her?” Caz with a challenging tone to her voice replied
“She’s only living her life, anyway it’s not hurting
anyone even though she seems to be working her way though
the halls of residence at college.” My first impressions
were right, Zoe was the college bike and hoped her
friendship with Caz wouldn’t turn her into the same.

The taxi took ages and Zoe returned minus her Kenyan stud
looking totally fucked with a flushed face. As she was
getting closer I could see her hotpants weren’t on right
and one of her pussy lips was squashed out of the side,
she tucked it in after she caught me staring.

“Good sex?” was all Caz asked. “Yeah he had a nice cock
but he didn’t believe I`m on the pill so he’d only do me
up the arse.”

“Cool” was all my girlfriend said.

In the taxi Zoe sat opposite me and I could tell she was
leaking her mates cum as she fidgeted in the seat.


The next morning I got in the shower ready for work and
went back into our bedroom to get some clothes and had to
do a double take. Caz and Zoe were in the 69 position and
Zoe’s pussy was facing me. My girlfriend was lapping away
at Zoe’s clit spreading her bald pussy lips with her
tongue. My focus was on the inflamed ass hole rubbing
over Caz’s little roman nose.

I was obviously shocked to see my girl having lesbian sex
but I was repulsed she was eating her friend out after she
had had a one-night stand and had fucked her Kenyan stud
with her arsehole. I couldn’t see the tell tale spunk
leaking from Zoe’s sphincter and tried not to think Caz
had cleaned it out whilst I was showering.

They stopped eating each other out and I said trying to
be calm “Well that’s a site a million men would die for
first thing in the morning.” Zoe lifted her head from
Caz’s freshly shaven pussy the night before and replied,
“I hope you don’t mind..and you taste quite nice as
well.” This Zoe was more of a slut than I first thought
to be eating my morning spunk from my girlfriend’s smelly
pussy. “Do you want some more?” was all I could muster up
to say. “No your Caz’s fella and that wouldn’t be fair.”

Bastard! Was all I could think of and left them to make
each other cum.

Caz and Zoe had these sex sessions on a regular basis
after that and all through the remainder of our
relationship and at least a year after. Caz would tell me
when Zoe was coming around and I would make myself
scarce. We never really said much about it and we
accepted it as part of our alternative life. How much
college boys spunk Caz drained from Zoe’s fuck holes I
will never Know but my cum in Caz’s holes never seemed to
bother her. I never did get to fuck Zoe.

Our relationship seemed to revolve around sex and Caz
would never cease to amaze me for her imaginative places
and situations she thought up to have sex. A memorable
one was a visit to our local nightclub were most things
went. During the evening Caz had been smooching with a
girlfriend of her cousins and came back to sit with the
rest of the gang after dancing. I sat her on my lap and
began to finger her pussy from the back and feel the Ben-
Wa balls she always had in during our nights out. Her
pussy and satin thong were sodden and even the top of her
thighs and arsehole were wet.

“Your cousins friend has really got you going hasn’t she”
I stated.

Cazs reply was “listen I want to suck you off then go for
a dance with her with your cum still in my mouth.”

To cut a long story short in the alcove of a dark fire
exit she sucked me off in record time then without a word
went and dragged her new found friend to the dance floor
and danced with a leg between each others crotches
kissing and giggling away. I watched this with a renewed
hard on hoping for a later threesome that didn’t
materialize but I did get to fuck the girl a couple of
years later after seeing her out again. It wasn’t very

I hope you liked reading the first half of my story and I
may yet write in detail of the times we traveled to a
fetish club in our nearest city and the German couple we
met on holiday in Europe.


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