Anna and the Aussie

By Rinky Dink (


Featuring Anna Kournikova and Jennifer Capriati.

None of the below is true (except for news flash). None
of the characters are real, even ones with real names.
This is a work of fiction and due to sexual situations
no one under 18 should read this.


News Flash: Despite incredible heat and being way down
in the match, Jennifer Capriati saved three match
points and won the 2002 Australian Open in the final
against Martina Hingis.

The good news for Anna Kournikova was that her foot
injury had healed enough where she could go back on the
women’s tennis tour and enjoy her sex slave, Jennifer
Capriati, on a weekly basis. Anna had previously
hypnotized Capriati (see Night Cap: The Prequel) to be
her secret lover.

She was tired of going to her “boyfriend’s” hockey
games and fending off his advances, even if he did make
$10 million a year. She had explained to him many times
she was a virgin and would not sleep with a man until
her wedding night.

Of course, she failed to mention to him that she had no
problem sleeping with women, as she was really a
lesbian, and that the only marriage she would ever have
was maybe one of those funky gay ones they have in

Anna’s first major tournament since her comeback was
the Australian Open.

She had been pissed when she ended up having to play
No. 6 seed Justine Henin in the first round. Henin had
blasted her in the Belgian press, calling Anna an
egotistical bitch, but Anna was far too rusty to do
anything about it and went down to defeat quickly.

However, her luck changed as she and Martina Hingis had
gone on to win the doubles championship.

Besides the thrill of victory it gave Kournikova a
reason to be around the Open for the full two weeks,
and that meant two weeks of Capriati licking her snatch
whenever she said the hypnotic trigger word “Night Cap”
to her, as the entranced dark-haired beauty became
Slave Jennifer to Goddess Anna.

Anna relaxed as she sat in the players box to watch the
singles final. Hingis, her doubles partner, was going
against Capriati, her slut puppet, so she didn’t care
who won, it would be a friend either way, not some jerk
like Henin.

Most of the people in the stands didn’t seem to care
either who won either. All they cared about looking at

A heat wave had hit Sydney that morning and the
temperature was near 100 degrees. Anna was wearing a
brief beige halter half-top and beige Daisy Duke
shorts. Everyone seemed more interested in looking at
Anna’s beautiful exposed body then the upcoming match.

Anna was in a good mood and basked in the attention,
occasionally standing up to “stretch” as the stadium
looked like one big saucer of light as numerous
flashbulbs went off whenever she did that.

“Martina and Jennifer might be the best players but I’m
still the most popular,” thought Kournikova to herself.
“People would rather look at me sitting here then watch
them play.”

The match did little to draw the fans attention away
from staring at Anna’s hot bod as Hingis was kicking
Capriati’s butt. Martina won the first set 6-2 and was
ahead 4-0 in the second set. Two more games and she
would add another championship to her weekend.

Capriati was totally distraught. Because Anna had been
in the doubles final the night before, she had not had
her usual “pumping up” session with Kournikova to
motivate her before the match.

Kournikova could see her fragile psyche was about to
crumble as she continuously looked up at Anna as Hingis
was whipping her.

After losing her fourth straight game in the second
set, Capriati asked for a bathroom break. Anna
scrambled from her seat and went down to the players
lounge. It looked like her love toy was about to have a
nervous breakdown.

“I stink, p-l-e-a-s-e help me Anna, I’m getting
embarrassed by Martina and I know I’m better than her,”
bawled Capriati in the lounge’s ladies room.

Anna could see Jennifer had completely fallen apart.

Since Hingis was so close to wrapping up the
championship, she figured she could help Capriati, and
maybe make her lose by a close score to salvage her

She didn’t want Jennifer thinking she should take a
break from the tour to put herself together
emotionally. She had missed out on enough of the girl-
girl sex she craved due to the injury.

“Relax Jennifer,” said Anna. “Have a Night Cap.”

Capriati’s eyes immediately took on a vacant look and
her jaw dropped slightly, leaving her mouth slightly
opened. Her shoulders slumped forward and she began to
sway a bit as Anna’s hypnotic programming kicked in and
she became her alter ego, Slave Jennifer.

“Slave Jennifer, I have an assignment for you,” said

“Yes Goddess Anna, I will eat you out,” said Jennifer
as she went down on her knees, pulled down Anna’s
shorts (she was not wearing panties) and buried her
face in Anna’s blonde tuft as she licked at her nether

This was not what Anna had in mind but she getting
pretty turned on as Capriati lapped away at her pussy.
However, she knew bathroom breaks were not long and
officials would be looking for Capriati very shortly.

“Get up Slave Jennifer, I have a different assignment
for you this time,” said Anna.

Capriati arose with a look of disappointment.

“The public personality of yours known as Jennifer
Capriati has fallen apart. You must go out there Slave
Jennifer and try and defeat Martina Hingis,” said Anna.

“But doesn’t Capriati always play my matches. I just
sort of push her in her head to win because you have
commanded it. If I’m playing I would much rather lose
quickly and then we can sex much faster.”

“No, Jennifer Capriati will be too unhappy if she loses
and probably leave the area quickly, and then you will
not have a chance to have sex with the Goddess Anna,”
said Kournikova. “However, if you win the second set,
there is a mandatory 15-minute break between sets. You
may have sex with the Goddess Anna then. If you lose
this set, no sex.”

“I obey my Goddess,” said Jennifer as she bowed her
head slightly. “What are my instructions?”

“You will go out there and not feel hot, if anything
you feel it’s a bit on the cool side.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

“You will win the second set and then come back here
and you may then have sex with Goddess Anna.”

“Yes, thank you, Goddess.”

“After you orgasm, Jennifer Capriati will come back as
the main personality and she will play the third set.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

“Now go out there Slave Jennifer and win the set. Your
Goddess commands!”

Anna decided if Capriati lost in three sets she would
save face and be in a good mood for a “Night Cap”
session later on. Anna figured Hingis would kick her
ass in the third set, after all she had been beating
her brains in all day, so her friend would not lose the
title because of Anna’s interference.

Capriati arrived back on court after the break looking
frisky and she quickly began digging herself out of her
0-4 deficit. More shocking to Hingis and the crowd was
how Capriati seemed oblivious to the oppressive heat.

While Hingis was covering herself with ice, drinking
gallons of water and hiding in as much shade as
possible, Jennifer did not even take a sip of liquid.
During one changeover Capriati actually put her warm-up
jacket around her. Hingis thought Capriati must be
insane, that was the only explanation to her not
feeling hot in the oven-like conditions.

Hingis was positive Capriati had truly gone bonkers as
three times Hingis reached match point only to see
Jennifer take incredibly risky shots for someone on the
brink elimination, but those shots all fell in.

After Capriati (but actually Slave Jennifer) won an
emotional tiebreaker over Hingis to take the second
set, she leapt in the air and pumped her first. She
quickly ran back to the players lounge. Anna motioned
her to a private locker room.

“I did it, I obeyed my Goddess’ instructions, I won,”
said an excited Slave Jennifer.

“Yes, your Goddess is pleased,” said Anna. “Now, take
off your clothes. You may have sex with Goddess Anna

Jennifer quickly threw off her sweat-soaked outfit and
attacked Anna’s sumptuous breasts. Kournikova had taken
her clothes off as soon as they entered the room.

Jennifer quickly began licking the bright pink areolas
of Anna’s breasts while pinching the nipples at the
same time. Anna grabbed Jennifer’s breasts and began
kneading the large but firm mounds. She also began
grinding her hips into Jennifer, making their pussy’s
rub against each other.

Both were getting turned on, as all four nipples were
rock-hard and pointing straight out. Jennifer began
playfully biting at Anna’s nipples and Kournikova let
out a cry as she orgasmed, her love juices falling on
Jennifer’s pussy as the grinding had continued.

Slave Jennifer knew as soon as she orgasmed that her
session with Goddess Anna was over so she was not ready
to cum.

She guided Goddess Anna to the floor and they got into
the “69” position. Jennifer’s now well-trained tongue
quickly got Anna heated up again and Anna responded in
kind as she lapped at Jennifer’s slit while rubbing her
clit in her fingers.

Kournikova was ready to cum again so she decided it was
time to end this and get on with the match. “Cum Slave
Jennifer, your Goddess commands!”

Both Anna and Jennifer let out shrieks and their bodies
began flopping around the floor as each was wracked
with a massive orgasm. At least a pint of pussy juice
poured onto the carpet as Anna and Jennifer yelled and
bounced in tandem.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour of cumming but
in reality had been just a minute or so, it was over.

“I am done now Goddess, no more sex for now?” said
Jennifer with a pained expression on her face.

“Yes, Slave Jennifer,” said Anna who was a bit glassy-
eyed herself after two huge orgasms in a row. “Clean
yourself off, put on a fresh outfit, and walk out
there. As soon as you walk out of this door Jennifer
Capriati will be shown to the public. But I’ll see you

“Promise, I live to serve the Goddess Anna,” said
Jennifer with a note of desperation in her voice.

“Yes, I promise,” said Anna as she came over and gave
Jennifer a deep French kiss. “Now obey your orders.
Your Goddess commands.”

As Jennifer Capriati went back on the court she felt
refreshed and mentally focused. She knew she only had a
15-minute break but she felt like she had been resting
for an hour.

Unknown to Anna, Slave Jennifer’s performance had
totally destroyed Hingis’ confidence. She had been
unable to hold a 4-0 lead and Capriati didn’t seem to
feel pressure or even feel the heat. How could she
compete against an obvious madwoman?

Anna watched in shock as Capriati rolled to an easy 6-2
victory in the third set to take the championship.

With the press demands and her family wanting to be
with Capriati to celebrate the incredible victory, Anna
knew there would be no sex with Slave Jennifer tonight
despite her promise.

As she watched Capriati hoist the championship trophy
to the cheering crowd, Anna thought to herself: “I
guess things don’t always work out as planned, even for
a Goddess.”


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