A Night at the Pool Hall

by Kat (no address provided)


I am an exhibitionist. My husband loves to “dare” me to
show off, and I love to do what he dares me to do. One
night at our favorite pool hall, he dared me to unbutton
my blouse while we played pool. Then he dared me to show
off for the crowd by dancing and revealing my 36 DD
breasts. I did exactly what he asked and that led to an
interesting night at our home with our waitress and two
young guys who enjoyed our show. (FFM, bi, wife, mast,
oral, exh, swinger)


My wife Kat is a very sexy exhibitionist, and loves to
show off in public, and I support her doing so whenever
she is in the mood. She is 35, with a perfect hourglass
figure and slightly enhanced 34 DD breasts with barbells
through the nipples. I came home from work recently, and
she had that gleam in her eye. I said, “What’s up” and
she said “I bought a new outfit and I want to go play
pool tonight.” I knew that she was ready to show off,
and I was eager to go along for the ride. She went to
the bedroom to change, while I took off my work clothes
and put on jeans and a polo shirt.

She came out of the bedroom and smiled and said “how do
you like my pool outfit?” She was wearing 5-inch heels
with cut-off jean shorts that showed the cheeks of her
ass, and a sheer white silk shirt over a push-up black
bra that barely covered her nipples. The shirt had two
buttons and was tied below the blouse. She asked what I
thought of her choice, and I just said, “Let’s go!”

We parked at the pool hall, and the parking lot was
full. A band was playing outside on the deck, and men or
couples occupied most of the pool tables. All eyes
follow her as we walked to an empty table, and she was
walking so her beautiful breasts swayed back and forth
under the blouse. We took a pool table in the center so
all the other players could see her, and we started our
first game. When she bent over to shoot, her ass cheeks
peeked out from under her shorts, and her blouse opened
just a little bit to show the top of her breasts.

When we play pool, we make bets on the game. She wins
spending money and I win “sexy favors”. Well, lucky me,
she lost the first game, and I smiled at her and said,
“Unbutton your blouse.”

“Both buttons? But my bra will show and my nipples are
almost coming out over the top!”

“Yes � both buttons.” This left the blouse gaping open,
the black push-up bra showing, and just the tie keeping
the blouse from falling completely open. Now, with the
blouse open, and the bra just barely covering her
nipples, she began to show off. Lots of bending over to
shoot, so her bra and breasts were exposed, and her ass
poking out for anyone behind her to see.

For the next game, my bet was, “Either remove the blouse
or do a sexy dance with the band for everyone on the

Kat blushed, and played very badly so she lost. I told
her to pay up.

“Ok, I’ll dance for everyone.” Then she asked the band
to play “Picture Away” and as soon as the music started,
she began a slow, sensuous dance. Her hands caressed her
body, from the crotch of her shorts to her breasts,
which were nearly completely exposed because the blouse
was wide open. She looked at me, and my hands made a
motion indicating that I wanted her to untie the blouse.
She smiled, and very slowly began to untie her blouse.

By this time, the audience on the deck had grown to
standing room only. I was near the front, and heard a
girl behind me say, “OMG, she’s going to open her
blouse!” Her boyfriend simply said, “I hope so!”

The tie came loose, and the blouse fell open, revealing
her lace push-up bra with her beautiful breasts mounded
above the bra. I could tell by the look on her face she
was really turned on, so I signaled to her to touch her
breasts as she danced. The blouse was wide open, and she
placed her hands on the bra and moved them to the mounds
above the bra, in perfect time to the music.

Watching her touch herself made me hard, and I began to
rub my cock as I watched with pride as she mesmerized
the large crowd on the deck. The song was nearing the
end, and I wanted more. I signaled to her that I wanted
her to pull the bra cups down below her breasts. Kat
gave me a “are you sure?” look. I nodded yes, and as the
song was coming to an end, she pulled the bra cups down
and her 34DD breast with nipple bars we now completely

Her hands caressed them as the song ended. The crowd was
silent for a few seconds, and then burst into applause.
Her face reddened, but she smiled and bowed to the
audience. I thought she might pull the bra back up as
she stepped off the stage, but she did not, and boldly
walked to my side completely exposed. I stood to hug
her, Kat said to Wendy, our very cute waitress, “I need
a drink!”

As she sat down at our table, she loosely tied the
blouse so it barely covered he nipples, and they became
exposed as she shifted in her chair. She leaned back and
pulled it closed, but it kept falling open as she caught
her breath. The waitress brought her drink, and
whispered something into her ear. When she left, I asked
what she had said.

“I get off in 30 minutes � let’s play,” she told me with
a smile and a question in her eyes.

I said, “It’s up to you.”

Suddenly, she jumped up and said, “I’ll be back.” As she
walked down the deck, I realized she still had her bra
pulled down and her blouse loosely tied. I thought she
was headed to the bathroom, but I noticed she was
stopping at almost every table to acknowledge the praise
and comments. A few of the tables were couples, but most
were just men in groups of two to six.

I watched her as she stopped at each table, and where
there were just men, she leaned forward to talk, and
this allowed her breasts to swing out of the blouse and
just hang there for the guys to see and admire. I
realized then just how turned on she was! She returned
in about 5 minutes, followed by two young men who she
introduced as Bill and Charlie. I stood up to shake
their hands, and looked at my wife as she stood there
with the blouse gaping open and the two young men
staring at her breasts.

“They want me to do another dance, honey � they love my

I reached out and pulled her blouse open, and put my
hands under each of her breasts. “Here, now they can get
a better look.” I looked at the two young guys who were
almost drooling, and said, “Guys, you have great taste
in sexy women.” I pulled the blouse closed, and she
kissed the boys on their cheeks and said she would let
them know about another dance.

We sat back down, and she said, “Well, honey � what do
you think?”

“Do you want to keep playing?” I asked.

Kat nodded her head enthusiastically. Just then our
waitress came to the table, dressed in her street
clothes, which consisted of a micro-mini skirt and white
T-shirt without a bra. She looked at me, and said, “My
shift is over, and I’d love to spend more time with your

They both looked at me, waiting for a reply.

“Well, here’s my idea. Let’s take Wendy to the house for
more play, but what do you two think about asking the
young guys to join us?”

They looked at each other, and then whispered to each
other, and then said, “YES!”

I asked Wendy for some paper, and wrote a note to the
guys with our address and an invitation to come over
after about 15 minutes.

Wendy, Kat and I then got up and headed down the deck to
the parking lot. Wendy and Kat were linked arm-in-arm
and Kat’s breasts were completely exposed for all to
see. I dropped the note on the guy’s table, and Kat gave
them an up close and personal look at her tits as she
leaned over to kiss each of them again. We kept on
walking, but were pretty sure they would take us up on
out offer.

At the car, Kat removed her blouse entirely, and she and
Wendy got in the back seat. I adjusted the mirror so I
could watch, and I saw them kiss deeply as Wendy stroked
Kat’s breasts. Kat reached down and pulled Wendy’s T-
shirt over her head, and bent her head down to suck on
her long, erect nipples. I turned back to the task at
hand � getting us home safely.

The next thing I know, there are two fingers in front of
my face, and Kat is saying, “Honey, smell and taste

The scent was intense, and the taste was sweet, and I
knew I would have many more opportunities to enjoy
Wendy’s moist kitty as the evening progressed. We pulled
into the garage, and I opened the rear door to let the
women out. They untangled from each other, and their
breasts were swollen and the nipples erect as they
emerged from the car.

Wendy asked, “Do you think the guys from the bar will

I replied, “I’ll bet they’re on their way right now, and
I’ll be disappointed if they don’t show up.”

“Come on Wendy, Kat said, “let’s change so we can greet
the boys as sexy sluts.” And they walked into our
bedroom and closed the door. I went to the kitchen to
set out the glasses and the drinks, and started some
music on the house system. A moment later, I heard,
“Honey, what do you think of your two sexy sluts!”

I turned and smiled. Both Kat and Wendy were wearing
black stockings with lace garter belts, black half bras
that forced their breasts and nipples out, and 4-inch
high heels. Kat handed me the camera and she and Wendy
posed in provocative poses for me. I went to the kitchen
to get them drinks, and as I did, I heard the doorbell.
“Don’t worry honey � we’ll get it,” said Kat.

I walked into the room just in time to see them open the
door, and the stunned looks on Bill and Charlie’s face
was priceless. I went back to the kitchen to get the
guys beers as the girls led them to the sofa in the
living room.

When I returned, and everyone had a drink, Kat said,
“Honey, put on ‘John Legend’ and Wendy and I will give
the boys a show.” I put ‘All of Me’ on, and Kat and
Wendy stood in front of the guys and began a slow
sensuous show of deep kissing and fondling each other.
Kat turned Wendy toward the guys, and standing behind
her, played with her nipples until they stood out like

Kat then knelt down in front of her and began to play
with her stockings, her hand sliding higher and higher
toward Wendy’s bare kitty. She began to lick it slowly,
from the bottom to the clitty, saying softly, “Yum,
yum.” She put two fingers deep inside Wendy’s pussy, and
then put them in her mouth. She turned to the guys and
said, “Who wants a taste?”

Both guys groaned, “I do!” simultaneously.

“Then take off your cloths � NOW!”

The guys looked shocked, and then stood and slowly
disrobed. They took off everything, and two very stiff
tent poles came into view, which they both stroked as
they sat back down. Kat put two fingers back deep inside
Wendy’s pussy, and then gave each of the guys a lick.
“It’s time for a contest,” I announced.

“Contest?” they asked.

“Yes, a BJ contest,” I said.

The girls just smiled, and got on their knees in front
of the guys and began to suck on their throbbing cocks.

“The last one to cum get’s to choose which girl he gets
to fuck,” I said.

Perhaps the thought of fucking the girls made Wendy’s
guy groan and shoot a load of cum into her mouth. Kat’s
guy followed soon after.

The girls cleaned up, and then started making love
again, and the guys were soon hard again. Kat’s guy
wanted to fuck Wendy from behind, so he slid on the
condom and bent her over a chair. Kat handed a condom to
the other guy, and he mounted her from behind too.

The second load was delivered very soon into both the
girls, and the guys collapsed back on the couch fully
satisfied and exhausted. I said, “Finish your drinks
guys, and say goodnight! The girls and I are going to
play now.”

And play we did, but that’s another story!

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