Cafe – a Lesbian Sex Story part 2

Sarah tried to conceal her frustration as she struggled to get her day under control. A line of customers stood before her, trailing all the way out the front door

“Where did they all come from?” she wondered to herself. ‘It’s as if there’s some great latte emergency, this is insane.”

Glancing over at Brian, she watched as he moved at a frenetic pace between the espresso machines. Constantly placing new cups under spouts, pouring on steamed or foamed milk, or whipped cream, all to the customer’s impatient demands.

Tiffany stood next to her, calling out orders at lightning speed, and Sarah’s mind wandered momentarily, as she wished her girlfriend Michelle were working beside her instead.

It’s not that she didn’t like Tiffany. She was a fabulous girl. It’s just that Michelle had this way of shedding light on situations such as these. When it seemed as if the sky was falling, and in reality you were just serving up high-octane caffeinated beverages, to a bunch of junkies who needed a fix.

Her eyes trailed down the line, scanning the patrons as each tried to find some way to disguise their impetus to get to the front of the line. One girl, with blonde hair, and a cute ass, talked on her cell phone, while looking in the opposite direction to seem nonchalant about the wait. Only to glance over her shoulder every five seconds to see if anyone had moved.

The man behind her held a copy of “Time”, his face pointed in the direction of the magazine, leaving his eyes free to closely examine the partially exposed breasts of the blonde on the cell phone.… Read the rest

Cafe – a Lesbian Sex Story part 1

Michelle scurried into the coffee shop, pulling her apron over her head and tying it as she walked. Sarah watched her from behind the register as Michelle made her way towards her. Thankful that she had finally arrived, yet slightly perturbed by her habitual tardiness, Sarah was cut off as she began to speak.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry Sarah, really, I tried to get here on time, it’s just,” Michelle’s voice trailed off as she searched for an excuse she hadn’t used in the past week or so.

“Don’t bother making up a story on my account,” Sarah teased, in a mockingly, raising her eyebrows for emphasis.

“Aw, come on, you know I try,” Michelle countered, typing her identification number into the cash register beside Sarah’s. “Besides, I’m the best help you have!”

Sarah let out a sigh of frustration and amusement as she silently conceded Michelle’s point. The girl certainly did have her finer points. Her eyes meandered over Michelle’s profile, admiring her long sleek black hair as it crawled over her shoulder and silhouetted her ample breasts. She knew as her manager she should remind her to tie it back, but Michelle would remember soon enough on her own, why should she ruin such a lovely site prematurely.

The line of customer’s began to grow longer, and she centered her attention back on taking latte orders and getting through the morning rush. Still, she was drawn to her. Smiling widely, joking with the regulars, men and women alike, you would have never known it was 6:22 AM, and that she had probably only pulled herself out of bed 16 minutes ago.… Read the rest

Annie and Julie – a Lesbian Bdsm Sexstory

by Philip Harris (


Annie watched the spread-tied girl’s narrow hips thrash
as the young victim tried futilely to kick her legs
free. Her open-legged struggle caused her pussy to
“dance” above the bed delightfully. Annie reached out
and grabbed a thatch of the girl’s pubic hair, pulling
her upward by it until the girl tore her hips away.

Meanwhile Julie pinned the girl’s shoulders down and
buried her face in the girl’s left breast, sucking
voraciously as if she could force milk from it. Her
free hand plucked the girl’s right nipple upward, and
then slapped beneath the breast several times to make
it jiggle.

Annie, her eyes shinning as she watched the girl’s
jerking pussy, undressed herself in delicious
anticipation. She rubbed the fingers of her right hand
in the juiciness between her own legs, as her left hand
forced the helpless girl’s hips down to the mattress.
Her right hand then spread the girl’s pussy open and
began rubbing rapidly up and down within the helpless
vagina. Annie was forceful, determined to make the girl
cum instead of allowing her to withhold herself.

Her mouth muffled by a gag and covered with tape, the
helpless girl could only moan “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm,” in
panicked frustration while Julie’s mouth made
deliberately loud sucking sounds on the girl’s nipples.

“Be good, be good, be good,” Annie said, stroking
coaxingly between the girl’s legs, speaking mostly to
hear all three of them making sex sounds together. She
pressed her fingertips on the girl’s clit, knowing that
her insistent rubbing was causing the girl both
discomfort and compulsion.… Read the rest

Anne Seduces her black Co-worker – A Lesbian Sex Story

by Ilike2watch1065 (


This is a true story of how Anne seduced Brandi, her
black co-worker after months of flirting and dropping
subtle hints. (FF, intr)


For months I have been admiring one of my black female
co-workers named Brandi. I have been especially drawn
to her gorgeous “Bubble Butt” I love watching her walk
around the office swinging that ass as she walks. The
sight of her gets my juices flowing. On several
occasions I have complimented her on her beautiful
ass, her piercing brown eyes and her overall sexy

She has never seemed to mind these remarks or other
similar hints I have made so I decided that I would
see if she would be willing to come to my home to hang
out for the afternoon. She agreed and the date was set
for Saturday afternoon.

In preparation for what I hoped would be a seduction
of her, I placed white silk sheets on the bed and had
plenty of scented candles in the room. A bottle of red
wine would help with her nerves and hopefully make her
more comfortable.

That morning I prepared myself by selecting a white
corset, seamed stockings and heels. I showered, shaved
my pussy, applied my makeup and perfume and dressed. I
decided to lower the top of my corset so it would act
like a shelf bra and show off my 46DD natural tits. I
selected a silk blouse so it would stimulate my
nipples and make them hard, finally I choose a mid-
thigh wrap around skirt to complete my attire.… Read the rest

Annette – First Lesbian Sex Experience

by Newman (


The story is about a woman lured into a relationship
with another woman and being caught on film by her
husband. I look forward to reading your suggestions.
(FF, 1st-lesbian-expr, voy, rom)


It started at the barbecue. Leslie and Andy had invited
a group of friends one Sunday afternoon to celebrate
Andy’s birthday. Annette who was married to Jim had
brought some sausages and a couple of bottles of wine.
Leslie had taken them from her but had seemed to have
let her fingers linger on her hand as she said thank
you. At the time Annette had thought nothing about it.

As the barbeque progressed everyone had a bit to drink
and were all enjoying themselves. Leslie had played the
host well, making sure that everyone had enough food
and drink. Jim had got together with his mates and
Annette was standing by the food table. Leslie came up
behind her bringing some more freshly cooked food.

As she squeezed past Annette she inadvertently pushed
her breasts against Annette’s back. When Annette turned
to look at her she carried on as if nothing had
happened. As the afternoon progressed Leslie seemed to
initiate contact with Annette on numerous occasions.
She had touched her arm when speaking, brushed the back
of her hand against her bum when talking to someone
behind her and on a couple of occasions brushed her
upper arm against Annette’s tits whilst walking past
her. Annette had felt each touch but thought that they
were all accidental.… Read the rest

Teen Lesbian Getting Ready for Dating Guy but Gets Personal with Lesbian Roommate Instead

Ava Parker is in the living room studying for an exam. When Kristen Scott walks in and sits down next to her she realizes she’s doing homework. Not wanting to interrupt her, she apologizes and gets up to leave. Ava stops her and tells her that she needs to talk to her about something. Ava has a crush on a guy in her class and wants to ask him out. When Kristen asks her who it is, she realizes she actually knows him well. She starts listing his interests and tells Ava what needs to do to get his attention. Ava is still unsure about how to best execute her plan but Kristen has a full day ahead of her and excuses herself. Back in her room, Kristen is getting dolled up for her date. When Ava catches wind of the fact Kristen is going on a date with the very same guy she has a crush on, she’s not happy. She storms into Kristen’s room and demands an apology.

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Kristen swears she was going to tell her but Ava knows a liar when she sees one. She asks her if this is the dress she was going to wear on her date tonight as she attempts to rip it off of her. With the dress now ruined, Kristen rips off Ava’s shirt. The girls start wrestling on the bed. As they struggle to overpower each other, they tear each other’s clothes off.… Read the rest